August 30, 2013

My basics should be different from your basics.
It's what you wear multiple ways, all the time.

I am notorious for buying something, wearing it once and moving on.
Not with these items.
These are my "basics", they items I could wear everyday.

If you don't have a pair of Citizen Avedons, you should. They are the most comfortable denim EVER!
Grey is my go to fall denim.
These Ray Bans are my first Ray Bans, and they are just as good as all the hype that surrounds them.
ALL back bags are kind of my obsesh. I can carry this with everything, and the size is perfection.
I will indeed wear a screen tee, 6 out of the 7 days of the week. No lie.
Now for the shoes.
These are a perfect neutral bootie, and the most comfortable shoe. 
When you work retail, there is usually no such thing as a comfortable shoe, but this breaks that.


August 29, 2013

I think I may have an obsession with sunglasses and lipsticks.
It seems like I can never have never.
I am constantly in the market for an amazing pair of sunglasses or a great lipstick color.
I can not take this purple off right now. 
I have been arranging my outfits to now match this specific purple lipstick.
My husband said "I get why you think you need lipstick, but it is just unnecessary"
{he doesn't understand}

I am sick, I have such a problem when it comes to buying!
I could not resist these Karen Walker sunglasses.
I now get why they are all the rage.

I love these Gap shift dresses, I go up a size to make sure the length is good.
Long legs can be a curse when it comes to dresses.

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August 28, 2013

I am so ready for fall, obviously.
I am ready for leather, booties, hats and sweatshirts.
Here are my current favs, and the things I must get in my closet stat.


xoxo, lex


August 27, 2013

New tees at all times, exclusive amounts, to keep diversity alive in style.
{check out our latest and greatest before they are gone HERE}

I am beyond excited to bring this new tee, to our MAJ TEES line.
I love it. LOVE it. 
Girls are notorious for bashing on themselves, everything thing could be better, but at the end of the day everyone is gorgeous in their own ways.
These tees are my obsession, and I am so glad I am finally sharing my love the way I want.

On another note, I usually get bored with EVERYTHING but these sunglasses are never getting old.
The best I ever had. No lies.

I've said it once, and I will say it forever...
I am me in a t-shirt, jeans and converse.

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xoxo, lex

Fantasy Friday

August 23, 2013

I have big dreams for my life.
Attending the Met Gala is one of my top.
2013's Met Gala was my favorite fashion on a red carpet I have ever seen.
Today I got to fantasize about what I would have worn, IF that invite would have come in the mail.
I would have been on Fashion Police's best dressed...

This gown in Michael Kors and the shoes are Loubiton.
My life is complete.

Here are my favorite looks from the event.
The "PUNK chaos to couture" theme was genius, hand picked for me.
{and I wasn't even invited...}

Blake Lively in Gucci

Cara Delevingne in Burberry

Rooney Mara in Givenchy

Beyonce in Givenchy

Sarah Jessica Parker in Giles Deacon

Miranda Kerr in Michael Kors

Sienna Miller in Burberry

Nina Dobrev in Monique Lhuiller


TRENDING: Track Pant

August 20, 2013

all $$

I am so excited to be featured on one of my favorite blogs 
{make sure and check it out @}

We decided to take a look into my fitting room, see my favorite trend and how I make it complete.

Styling is my passion. I love what I do and am so lucky to get to share it with my clients.

Fall is by far my favorite season to dress, and this fall seems better than ever. My absolute favorite trend obsession for fall is the track pant. I do admit that sometimes I take the saying "beauty is pain" while getting dressed, but with the track pant that thought never has to cross my mind. The track pant is amazingly easy to wear. It can be dressed up with a silk blouse and a blazer, or thrown on with a screen tee. You can pair them with your favorite pair of converse, or add a heeled booties for a night out. No matter where you are going, what you are doing, they can work for your day. I suggest if you don't already have a pair in your closet, add one (or two, or three) and you will not want to take them off.

Here are a few tips on how to make sure you are getting the right fit and pair for you.

1. Get them to fit your waste, the legs are supposed to be loose.

2.Check behind, make sure they are flattering.

3. If in doubt choose black. Black is always a great first pair!

4. Taylor the length so that the pant does not hit the ground.

5. Do not over think it, throw them on and go. They are supposed to be easy!

This trend is my far my favorite and looks good on everyone. Do not be afraid to try new trends and to make it you. Style is all an opinion, make it your own. Always choose what works with YOUR body and not just what looks good on the mannequin.


T-SHIRT- chaser
BOOTIES- sam edelman


TRACK PANT- rebecca taylor
"LOVE" NECKLACE- ariella
SHOES- converse


TRACK PANT- haute hippie
SWEATER- haute hippie
SHOES- converse

xoxo, lex


August 19, 2013

That may be an oxymoron for my life, Mondays are annoying.

I am a sucker for anything to give me less wrinkles, make my skin look more creamy, get rid of the bags under my eyes, and just help my skin in general.
I have searched high and low, and tried so many products.

These are the beauty products that 


Forget any expensive washes, and acne away promises. This is gentle and clean, and leaves my face feeling fresh. This is a Costco size bottle and will last you {and your husband} a lifetime.

I have searched for years for the perfect make up to put on my face, this wins HANDS DOWN. This is the creamiest "foundation" I have ever used and offers and light weight FULL coverage.
I am hooked for life.

I have found such a love for lips, I usually ditch the eye make up and focus on putting the color on my lips. {"PLUMFUL" is my current color crush}

I have not taken off this nude polish since I got it. I love the color and this is the best polish I have worn ever, it goes on so easy.

I love this concealer. I use a shade lighter than my BB cream, and use underneath my eyes and down the center of my nose to lighten up my face {and cover the bags}

This is the BEST cleaners. It has a timer that allows you to know the exact time to use to exfoliate your skin, after using this your skin will feel softer than ever. It is a must have.

I use this on my brows on the daily, a full brow makes a face in my opinion.