June 28, 2013

I checked another item off of my "What I Want Wednesday" list.
THESE Nike "Sky High" Sneakers.
I am in love.
They are the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn.
Thanks Nike.
I love the bright white for summer and to wear with dress, jeans or even shorts.
I love these shoes.

It is BLOODY hot here in AZ.
I am doing all I can to keep my face from wrinkling and drying up.
I am wearing a hat most of the days I am out doors.
I love what a hat does for my outfit, and also my skin.
This is my latest find, and my greatest obsession.

^^ my 3 favorite things right shoes, my hat and my new phone case.

get this look

Well I am off to Utah for the weekend to spend time with my best friend, and for her husband to take Zack fishing. It's going to be a great weekend filled with shopping, nice weather, and my favorite people. Have a good weekend.

xoxo, lex


June 26, 2013

There is so many things that I want right now.
Surprisingly an item of clothes does not top the chart.

I want....
a vacation
a baby (on Sundays)
to move to Cali
a white Jeep
a puppy
and...most importantly
to work for Rachel Zoe.

Thats all?

BUT with that being said...
clothes are always always always on my mind.
So much to want, so much I NEED.

Here's a glimpse into my cluster of a mind, and my never ending money stealers.

*Rag and Bone distressed skinnies- I can not get enough of distressed jeans, I love the color of these for summer.

*Joie maxi dress- It is rare to find a maxi dress with sleeves, also I love the slit in this one, and I am obsessing over florals this season.

*Current Elliot denim vest- Everyone needs a denim vest, wear it with E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

*Michael Kors turquoise ring- Love gold and turquoise, love the stone on this guy.

*Rag and Bone dress- I have been lusting over this dress, the color and fit is unreal. (IT'S ON SALE! and SHOPBOP is offering an extra 25% OFF all sale items, you do not want to miss this)

*Wildfox pineapple tee- Who is not obsessed with pineapples right now? Especially on my favorite brand of t shirts.

*Joie bike sweater- LOVE this color. This sweater is so light weight and perfect for a night at the movies or a trip to CA this summer.

*Jeffrey Campbell booties- Get. Real. I had to have these (yes they are on there way to me) Best bootie I have seen to date. 

*Ella Moss tropical pant- Maybe it is just the fact that I am about to go to Hawaii for the first time ever, that I am obsessed with tropical print? Whatever the reason, I can't get enough.

(at least that is what I am trying to remind myself)

xoxo, lex


June 24, 2013

It's summer and lucky for your skin, hats are all the rage right now.
I remember my mom used to make me throw on one of my brothers old baseball hats at the beach to keep my face out of the sun, I remember feeling like a boy.
Now I would not imagine hitting the beach without a hat.
(a little bit for fashion and a little bit for sun protection)
Hats are my current summer obsession.
and a summer staple for me.
The only thing making it so hard, is there are so many options
and "surprise, surprise" I want them all.

These are my favorites...

"The Modern Fedora"

*get away from the "old" fedora, wear this on the back of your head, do wear it with dress or jeans, you can even wear it indoors...just wear it a lot.

"The Baseball Cap"

*wear your boyfriends hat, or least make it look like it, keep in casual don't over think the cap.

 "The Floppy Hat"

*do wear it to the beach, do wear it to the park, do wear it outdoors, just do not wear it to dinner.

"The Bowler Hat"

* do not wear this in felt this season, do not wear it like a top hat, do wear it with a dress and sandals.

Now for some HATSPIRATION..

not a single mistake made when wearing these women wore these hats

xoxo, lex


June 21, 2013

Fanatic Friday: CAMO

Camo is considered a neutral in my closet.
I can wear it was most anything, why not pair it with my all-time favorite cargos.
I am obsessed with these pants, if you don't have something like them in your closet,
find some, buy them.
They are an obsession, and you will know why.

Camo is seen everywhere now.
Try it, be bold, be different when wearing yours.
Style is an yours.

**BONUS- half of this outfit is actually on sale.

xoxo, lex


June 19, 2013


It is officially my favorite day of the week.
Searching the web and reminicing on what I have been wanting.
Why is my list always so long?

"Hi, my name is Alexa and I am a shop-o-holic."

Check me in.
I can not stop.
WILDFOX sunglasses* DYING for these mirrored shades, the color is perfect.
JBRAND jeans* I usually say no to anything but skinnies, but these are an exception, love the wash.
TORY BURCH iphone case* I mean, who is not obsessed? Cause I am. (already ordered)
HAUTE HIPPIE tiger t-shirt* My favorite t-shirts are by Haute Hippie, love the tiger trend.
J CREW hat* I need this in every color (BONUS: comes in sizes, for girls with big heads like me)
FREE PEOPLE dress* Coral is my favorite color for summer, this is the perfect cover up for the beach.
SAM EDELMAN pumps* Ankle straps and cheetah, perfection.

xoxo, lex


June 18, 2013

I miss you PALM SPRINGS.
I already need another vacation.
Summer is meant to spent in the sun, not indoors.

I loved getting to spend time with 2 of my very best friends.
We used to spend every minute of everyday together.
Laying out, eating, riding my golf cart, talking, laughing, getting ready and endless sleepovers.

We now live in 3 different states.
When I am not with them, I miss them.
When I am with them..
They make me laugh till I cry, stay up late, eat a little healthier and save a little more money.

I love our similarities but I love our difference even more.
They have impacted my life so much of the past 12 years.
I am so proud of where they are and what they are accomplishing.
I can not wait to see what else this friendship has in store for us.

I love my friends.


xoxo, lex

CAMO: Done right.

June 17, 2013

I remember my sophomore year of high school my dad had brought me home a pair of camo cut off shorts from his trip to France.
I remember thinking you went all the way to France and brought me home THESE?
Either this was just a coincidence or France really is way ahead of us in the fashion world.

CAMO is all the rage as of late.
But it can be done oh so wrong.
Stay away from the "bad" shades of green.
Do not pair with orange.
Keep in casual.
Do not wear it as your full outfit aka steer away from a camouflage dresses.

Whether or not you like hunting, add it to you closet and make it you.

Don't know what to pair it with?
Try these..

How do you feel about these camo accessories?
IF you are going to do for them,
keep it simple with a lcd {little black dress}

xoxo, lex