May 31, 2013

It's that dreaded time of year.
The time to find the perfect white jeans.
Some people say it is harder then finding the perfect swimsuit, I do not agree.
There are a few simple rules when looking, keep them in mind.
*go for a thicker denim to avoid any visibility of under garments.
*it is not the fact that they are white why you do not like them, it is the fit.
*bootcut jeans should not be worn in white, just do not.
*do not examine so closing in the fitting room lighting, take them home and then judge.
*go up a size, white does not need to be skin tight.
*do not let them touch the floor, or else it will be a stress.

It is summer, wear as much white as you can before Labor Day.
(and then wear it after that)


xoxo, lex


May 30, 2013

Taylor Swift stole my heart.
I loved her before, I die for her now.
She is so poised, and the most awkward dancer.
A girl after my own her.
Tuesday night was by far the best concert I have seen.
I paid for row L seat 19,
I saw her front row.


Literally, could have touched her.


My dad would be so proud of me.
To make a LONG story shorts...
I wanted to see Taylor Swift's facial expressions straight from her face, not from a screen like I have before.
Our seats were great, but not quite meeting our needs.
Halfway through the concert Jess and I went down the stair to "get a closer look"
I somehow convinced the worker to let me ask the security guard if we could go in the "posh pit"
He was rude and grumpy and said no, but once I stood on the FLOOR at TSWIFT, I was not about to go back up.
We stood by the stage till we got asked to go back to our seat "FOUR TIMES"
In which we convinced 3 little girls to never sit down, thus never revealing we actually did not have a seat down on the floor.
We danced and sung on that floor like we were 22.
I may not know how to flirt, but I can win over any "Dad" over 50.
Needless to say take risks, don't be satisfied if you know you would be  happier else where.
Seeing TSwift face to face is worth it.

xoxo, lex


May 29, 2013

Wednesdays are now my new favorite day of the week.
I get to narrow down everything I have been wanting into one post.
With summer HERE already, I am feeling bright colors and lots and lots of sunglasses.
(This is the one season wear it has become socially acceptable to wear your sunglasses inside)
I want to feel like I am at the beach everyday, even if I am not.
What I realllly want this summer, is to dress as if I am headed for a gorgeous day even though its 110 degrees outside and I am sweating the second I sit in my car.

Make this summer great,
forget the heat with me.


xoxo, lex


May 27, 2013

It is officially summer.
I miss the days where summer meant pool days and bahama bucks.
Now the only thing I look for in summer is the one vacation to the beach, and wearing white.
White is the best color for summer.
Here are some of my favorites.


ZARA blouse- I love crochet, I love this top.

ZARA dress- Any dress with sleeves, SOLD. Everyone needs a little white dress for summer, no lie.

CITIZEN jean- If you are going to wear white on bottom this season, make it distressed. Its just better.

MARC JACOBS handbag- White bags can be scary, but this leather is super easy to clean. Love the                   classic style to this bag.

ZARA heels- I love the pointed toe and ankle strap on this shoe. It screams summer.

REBECCA TAYLOR sweater- I LOVE sweaters for summer. Pair this with some shorts, good to go.

DOLCE VITA shoe- The best match for white is gold. This sandal is perfect with any outfit.

RAG AND BONE dress- LOVE the way this dress fits. I will pack it in my suitcase for any and every vacay.

                HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!
We took full advantage of this holiday and drove up to the beautiful Sedona.
It was the perfect day filled with sunshine, food and lots of laughs.
Sometimes we get so busy we forget how young we are, and the fun we need to add to our lives.
Grateful for days like today to be reminded that this is my best friend and we are lucky to have 

xoxo, lex


May 24, 2013

Floral pants are a must, for every season.
These ones are my perfect match.
Want to hear what is ever better about them, they are on SALE.
I love the options that these pants give me because of all the colors they include.
Do not be afraid to mix patterns, add color, or just throw on a white tee.
For this I just paired them with my ultimate fav stripe tee (also on SALE).

These pants are good, trust me.

To me, style is about showing a little bit of your personality to anyone and everyone who looks.

Sneaker wedges may be a bit controversial, but when you can add height and still run a marathon, they are a must for me.
(take the plunge, they are on SALE.)

7 For All Mankind Floral Skinnies
T by Alexander Wang Stripe Tee
Steve Madden Sneaker Wedges

If you did not notice..
This outfit is all completely on SALE.
Snag them before they are gone.

xoxo, lex


May 22, 2013

I may not be an awesome sale shopper, but I know a good one when I see it.
And you better believe I will shop it.
In honor of Nordstrom's May Half Yearly Sale
(my personal favorite sale of the year)
The sale rack has taken over my wants, and has left me with enough money to eat.

I hope everyone has a paid off Nordstrom card, because this is just the icing on the cake.
There are SO many amazing pieces on markdown.
I know I need them all.

1. Wayf Knit Pullover Top
2. Rebecca Minkoff MAC bag
3. Rag and Bone Raglan Mesh Sweater
4. Nike Free 4.0
5. Mother Jeans "The Looker"
6. Free People T-Shirt
7. 7 For All Mankind Cheetah Skinnies
8. Rag and Bone Skinnies
9. Equipment Camo Sweater
10. Rebecca Minkoff Sandall


May 20, 2013

I love anything and everything on trend.
That's why everything in my close has about a 3 month life span.
Good for my appearance, horrible on my bank account.
Sometimes I feel like I thought of something original and then I see it on Fashion Police or in a magazine and spend the rest of the week, wondering who thought of it first.
Clearly I win in my mind every time.

Pattern mixing has been around for a minute now,
 but it has gone beyond pairing stripes and polka dots.
It has come to full on different patterns on top than on bottom.

In honor of Fashion Police, I ask you "Gotta Have It" or "Make It Stop"

Let's see how to do it right...

*Remember you are mixing PATTERNS not colors, keep the colors cordinating.
*Break it up: add a belt, blazer or handbag.
*Trying mixing different florals.

**FAVORITE LOOK- pair the same pattern on top and on bottom, whether it be a suit, or a silky combo, it is my favorite right now and a must do.

xoxo, lex