May 30, 2013

Taylor Swift stole my heart.
I loved her before, I die for her now.
She is so poised, and the most awkward dancer.
A girl after my own her.
Tuesday night was by far the best concert I have seen.
I paid for row L seat 19,
I saw her front row.


Literally, could have touched her.


My dad would be so proud of me.
To make a LONG story shorts...
I wanted to see Taylor Swift's facial expressions straight from her face, not from a screen like I have before.
Our seats were great, but not quite meeting our needs.
Halfway through the concert Jess and I went down the stair to "get a closer look"
I somehow convinced the worker to let me ask the security guard if we could go in the "posh pit"
He was rude and grumpy and said no, but once I stood on the FLOOR at TSWIFT, I was not about to go back up.
We stood by the stage till we got asked to go back to our seat "FOUR TIMES"
In which we convinced 3 little girls to never sit down, thus never revealing we actually did not have a seat down on the floor.
We danced and sung on that floor like we were 22.
I may not know how to flirt, but I can win over any "Dad" over 50.
Needless to say take risks, don't be satisfied if you know you would be  happier else where.
Seeing TSwift face to face is worth it.

xoxo, lex

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