June 24, 2013

It's summer and lucky for your skin, hats are all the rage right now.
I remember my mom used to make me throw on one of my brothers old baseball hats at the beach to keep my face out of the sun, I remember feeling like a boy.
Now I would not imagine hitting the beach without a hat.
(a little bit for fashion and a little bit for sun protection)
Hats are my current summer obsession.
and a summer staple for me.
The only thing making it so hard, is there are so many options
and "surprise, surprise" I want them all.

These are my favorites...

"The Modern Fedora"

*get away from the "old" fedora, wear this on the back of your head, do wear it with dress or jeans, you can even wear it indoors...just wear it a lot.

"The Baseball Cap"

*wear your boyfriends hat, or least make it look like it, keep in casual don't over think the cap.

 "The Floppy Hat"

*do wear it to the beach, do wear it to the park, do wear it outdoors, just do not wear it to dinner.

"The Bowler Hat"

* do not wear this in felt this season, do not wear it like a top hat, do wear it with a dress and sandals.

Now for some HATSPIRATION..

not a single mistake made when wearing these women wore these hats

xoxo, lex

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