CAMO: Done right.

June 17, 2013

I remember my sophomore year of high school my dad had brought me home a pair of camo cut off shorts from his trip to France.
I remember thinking you went all the way to France and brought me home THESE?
Either this was just a coincidence or France really is way ahead of us in the fashion world.

CAMO is all the rage as of late.
But it can be done oh so wrong.
Stay away from the "bad" shades of green.
Do not pair with orange.
Keep in casual.
Do not wear it as your full outfit aka steer away from a camouflage dresses.

Whether or not you like hunting, add it to you closet and make it you.

Don't know what to pair it with?
Try these..

How do you feel about these camo accessories?
IF you are going to do for them,
keep it simple with a lcd {little black dress}

xoxo, lex

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