August 19, 2013

That may be an oxymoron for my life, Mondays are annoying.

I am a sucker for anything to give me less wrinkles, make my skin look more creamy, get rid of the bags under my eyes, and just help my skin in general.
I have searched high and low, and tried so many products.

These are the beauty products that 


Forget any expensive washes, and acne away promises. This is gentle and clean, and leaves my face feeling fresh. This is a Costco size bottle and will last you {and your husband} a lifetime.

I have searched for years for the perfect make up to put on my face, this wins HANDS DOWN. This is the creamiest "foundation" I have ever used and offers and light weight FULL coverage.
I am hooked for life.

I have found such a love for lips, I usually ditch the eye make up and focus on putting the color on my lips. {"PLUMFUL" is my current color crush}

I have not taken off this nude polish since I got it. I love the color and this is the best polish I have worn ever, it goes on so easy.

I love this concealer. I use a shade lighter than my BB cream, and use underneath my eyes and down the center of my nose to lighten up my face {and cover the bags}

This is the BEST cleaners. It has a timer that allows you to know the exact time to use to exfoliate your skin, after using this your skin will feel softer than ever. It is a must have.

I use this on my brows on the daily, a full brow makes a face in my opinion.

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