July 23, 2013

In my eyes, style is all an opinion.
One may think overalls is style, while another may think maxi skirts and a cotton tee is style.
There is not right or wrong when it comes to style.
(although I personally may not agree, is not the end all, be all.)

I wanted to share my tips for styling.
The basics, the 5 things to remember when putting together a "look" for a photo shoot or event.

1. Ask Questions- The most important thing when styling is to make sure everyone is not a "mini me". Just because you may look good in one thing does not mean it's right for everyone. Figure out what the lifestyle is.

2. Choose ONE bold piece- Too many "statements" can leave a cluster of an outfit.

3. Do not be matchy matchy- Red shoes, red bag and red lips is not a good look. When in doubt keep it neutral, all neutrals match themselves and color.

4. Acknowledge different body types and age- Figure out how to incorporate the trends that best fit the body type and age. Be tactful but show the personality of the person.

5. Tell the truth- If you are not honest someone will be later. Be honest but tactful, supportive but directive. You must be the expert.

Here are some of my favorite "looks" in my world of style...

here, here and here

leather skirt

tortoise sunnies

tropical print

grey t-shirt

camo jacket
here and here

xoxo, lex

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  1. Two sightings of my girl tuula... always good. Love you and love your tips!!!!