April 22, 2014

It seems as if fashion has been moving extra fast as of late.
Maybe it is the fact that we are changing seasons, summer is officially offish.


You either LOVE them {dream about them} 
you hate them {can not believe they are a "trend"}

Gladiators have always had my heart…since Kourtney Kardashian first appeared in a them paired with the best mini dresses ever.
Where as me and birkenstocks had a rocky start.
Now I see the desire in them. They are easy and literally perfect for summer.
From dresses to work out clothes, I could not live without them.
{flip flops are never okay in my closet, so these are what I consider, the new flip flop}


WWAW {what would Ashley wear} I follow her style like it is bible.


Shout out to my girl, Kourt, for making me love a shoe more than I ever thought I could.


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