May 15, 2013

This may be the first week in history that I didn't have a "bag" full of wants on my favorite websites waiting for me to checkout on my next paycheck.
Could it be that when I sat down to do this post, I in fact had made a break through and wanted
Nope, I just had to give my self a crystal light energy and it all came flooding back to me.
(Scared myself there for a second)
I call myself Alexa "I WANNA" Packer and I don't see that changing.

Mara Hoffman Bikini- I am loving the style of this bikini this year. The way the top drops lower like a crop top instead of a string bikini is much more flattering. That combined with the aztec print, lets just say I wanna.

Converse- I love converse, especially in the summer. Since I have all the basic colors, I need this for my white t-shirts.

Free People Baseball Hat- I HATE putting my face in the sun. I hate the thought of a wrinkly old face. I spent a lot of my "tween" years looking like a dork in a man's baseball hat trying to protect the sun. I like this hat, made for women. (Also loving the faux leather bill)

Rag & Bone Shorts- Long shorts. I struggle. This is in fact the longest I will go, and it may be pushing it. I never thought I, Miss Abercrombie cut-off wearing Alexa, would say this but I hate shorty shorts even more. So even if these won't do be good everyday, I will do them every day on the beach.

Elizabeth and James Sunglasses- It must be getting hot outside because all I can think about is my next sunglass purchase. I love the color of these frames, and I love the size. I am a girl with a big face, so I need even bigger sunglasses.

T By Alexander Wang T-Shirt- If you have not worn T Wang, your missing out. The best linen t-shirt you could ever dream of. (Everyone dreams of clothes right?) You need it. I promise.

P.S. Perfect match SHORT+CONVERSE.

xoxo, lex

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