May 6, 2013

My husband has been quoted saying "Big sunglasses are for ugly girls, that want to cover their face". I've been quoted saying "The bigger the better" when it comes to sunnies. This is one of many things me and my husband just have to agree to disagree on.
I think I'm always right, and when it comes to fashion, I am his guru.
Im going to share with you the best sunnies, for the hot season.
I apologize if by doing so I also make you go hungry, by trading your food fund for something much more important, the perfect pair of sunglasses.

I once bought a pair of sunglasses for the mere reason that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE may confuse me for a celebrity on my honeymoon, although no one was yelling Ashely Olsen, or Blake Lively across the airport, inside I felt like a million bucks.

Since I currently live in the sunniest state in the United States, it is completely reasonable to own all seven, right?

These are my all-time favorite sunglass wearing celebs.
They show me that sometimes it is exceptable to wear your sunglasses inside.

These sunglasses are everything, and worth every penny. I promise.
xo, lex

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