October 24, 2013


I am notorious for making my birth"day" last a week.
I do lunch with friends, dinner with family, dinner with friends, dinner with girls, dinner with husband and so on and so fourth.


did not seem to need all of that.
I wanted no presents, and no fuss.
Just a day of being pampered and being with my main squeeze.

I think my husband thought I was insane when he asked what I wanted for my birthday, 
"All I want is one day (after my birthday) where I have absolutely no where to be. I can not be late, I have nothing and nowhere to be with no one."

That day has not happened yet, but when it does it will be bliss.

We spent an awesome night, celebrating with our favorites at Sugar Bowl.

OUTFIT DETAILS from the night.

EARLIER that day...

donuts at 12:00am seemed fitting to celebrate 24.

breakfast manis & pedis with my favorite girls.

selfies & massages

sonic, massages and the cooler weather...all my faves with my faves.


THANKS to everyone for all the birthday love.
24 feels old now, but I am sure it will only keep feeling younger.
Here's to traveling, money, husbands, puppies and babies in the two four.


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