September 23, 2013

I admit, I was very enthusiastic about one of my favorite {Phillip Lim} coming to Target.
I may have even bribed my husband to wait outside that morning before the doors even opened.
I love this boom sweater.
I mean really love.
I plan on wearing it with a skirt, jeans and even the sweats I got to make it into a jump suit.

Nordstrom recently added a new department to their "TBD" section.
"Wear to work for the modern women"
That is wear I found this gem of a skirt.
The leather is soft, the length is good.

AZ is starting to feel like fall.
There are big things happening this season for me, and the weather only adds to my happiness.

{add this look to YOUR closet by clicking on the links}

I hope everyone had a fabulous Monday.

loves from lex

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