July 28, 2013

This year it is all about the leather.
Leather is not just for the women on the back of a Harley, it is for the sophisticated, the sassy, the stylish, and even the stay at home mom,
from the 9-5er or the late nighter.
Leather has a look for everyone.
Leather can be as simple as adding a white tee and as complicated as a high heel.
Make it your look, just make sure you're looking at it.

Here are my favorite leather pieces in every category needed...




$ to $$$

The Track Pant

The Pencil Skirt

The Skater Skirt

The Skinny

The Leather Tee

The Leather Sweatshirt

The Leather Jacket

The Dress

{click on the arrows to scroll the looks from low to high,
 click on the pic to add that item to YOUR closet!}

xoxo, lex

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