HAWAII: day one

July 15, 2013

Hawaii was a dream.
With work being as insane as it is with the sale
I want more than ANYTHING to go back to Hawaii.

A couple months ago Zack and I decided that we needed/deserved a vacation.
Hawaii was at the top of our list.
I had never been before,
It was Zack's favorite place on earth.

I am so beyond happy that is all worked out and we spent an unreal, unforgetable week in HI.
That I have been dying to share with the world.
{I will start here}

DAY 1.
 we literally chose the smallest car on the lot.

My obsession with pineapples is stupid.

Our first hike to a Waterfall.

I literally hiked in these shoes, and almost died.

The best pancake you will ever eat.

This water is insane. We took a quick nap on the beach.

Our 2nd hike of the day.

Honestly, we could not resist getting as close as possible to this light house.

We were driving back to the hotel when we saw these stairs, we had to.

Always a bad shoe choice.


*packing is A LW A Y S hard for me. I have never not over packed, but Hawaii was especially hard because of my obsession with tropical prints, I wanted everything. I planned and planned again and narrowed it down to exactly what I was going to wear. 
{only tip for packing that has ever worked for me: PLAN your outfits}

xoxo, lex

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